Interdisciplinary Research Center for Complex Systems

Interdisciplinary studies become a characteristic feature of the modern science. A synthesis of ideas and methods for different, sometimes very distant, branches appears a fruitful approach to the fundamental science as well as to the applications. This synthesis brings in a new knowledge and induce new technologies.

IRCCS was organized about one year ago with several interconnected aims. On one side we try to organize an interaction of scientists from different departments of the university realizing a general tendency of the interdisciplinary studies. This tendency became more and more essential in the modern science. The theory of complex systems itself is a prominent example of a science which appeared as a result of the synergy of ideas, methods and problems from many areas: physics, mathematics, biology, sociology etc. As a particular way for the implementation of the interdisciplinary approach, we see the organization of research projects which shall be concentrated on topics of joint interests for experts from different areas.

We also hope that this center may play a role of a scientific forum for scientists from universities and research institutes located in Ukraine and abroad. Another form of realization of our aims is a development and implementation of interdisciplinary research master programs at the university. Additionally, we include seminars, workshops, and conferences in actual topics of interdisciplinary researches as an important part of IRCCS activity.

In the our University, interdisciplinary studies also play a significant role. One of the main objectives of the Pedagogical University today is a acquaintance of the future teachers with modern scientific theories and discoveries which form a new scientific paradigm and the scientific world view on the whole. Problems stating by the modern life before the science demand a cooperation of scientists of different specialisations. Complex systems consist a numberless class of objects which are around us, from atoms, to Galaxies. Studies of complex systems need joint efforts of non only mathematicians, physicists, biologists but also psychologists, sociologists, linguists. These studies are the barest necessity of the modern science.

Taking into account the importance of interdisciplinary researches, we founded the Interdisciplinary Research Center for Complex Systems. The Center purposes an activization of interaction between scientists of different areas which work in the our University as well as in another scientific and education organizations.